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Cherry Creek Schools Foundation awards record number of Educator Initiative Grants

Students at Eastridge Community Elementary will use research, engineering and design skills, as well as a 3-D printer, to build a five-hole, miniature golf course for their school. Falcon Creek Middle School students will explore the culture and heritage of Peru by carving and painting a narrative gourd, something Peruvians have been doing for more than 4,000 years. At Overland High School students who have emotional disabilities will use breakdancing to express themselves, gain confidence, reduce stress and empower themselves to break down emotional barriers that impede success in school and in their personal lives.

Those innovative projects and programs were created by Cherry Creek Schools teachers and will be funded by the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation, through Educator Initiative Grants (EIGs). The grants of up to $1,000 are awarded to individual teachers or teacher teams and are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional approaches used in accomplishing program objectives.

This year, the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation funded more grants than ever before, awarding $95,000 in grants to more than 100 teachers. Congratulations to these 2017-18 Educator Initiative Grant recipients:

Andrea Aldridge, Cherry Creek High School
Mary Anderson, Eastridge Elementary
Erin Angelo, Polton Elementary
John Avery, Liberty Middle School
Amy Bainbridge, Cottonwood Creek Elementary
Debra Bassett, Independence Elementary
Katherine Bergles, West Middle School
Jonaca Blaize, Liberty Middle School
Lauren Bone, Dakota Valley Elementary
Barbara Boudar, Meadow  Point Elementary
Jessica Brevik, Buffalo Trail Elementary
Kelly Bruns, Polton Early Childhood Education
Kelli Buffo, Career & Technical Education
Nicole Buyck, Eaglecrest High School
Stefani Call, Sky Vista Middle School
Dan Clark, Dakota Valley Elementary
Helen Clark, Mission Viejo Elementary
Amy Cleveland, Overland High School
Laura Coupas, Liberty Middle School
Kristin Cowan, Walnut Hills Elementary
Mary Derbish, Cottonwood  Creek Elementary
Pat Dickerson, Falcon Creek Middle School
Dana Dillard, Independence Elementary
James Dykstra, Overland High School
Jennifer Edgar, Eaglecrest High School
Lauren Eigner, Student Achievement Services
Susan Ekblade, Peakview Elementary
Maureen Elliott, Eaglecrest High School
Dawn Ervin, Fox Ridge Middle School
Sarah Evans, Cherokee Trail High School
Kathryn Eyolfson, Coyote Hills Elementary
Frances Flicker, Falcon Creek Middle School
John Foyle, Prairie Middle School
Elissa Friedman, Eastridge Elementary
Heather Galie, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Chrisanne Gartelos, Timberline Elementary
Grant Gary, Falcon Creek Middle School
Matt Gonzales, Smoky Hill High School
Megan Gonzales, Horizon Community  Middle School
Brooke Gralla, Walnut Hills Elementary
Michelyne Gray, Cherry Creek High School
Paula Greathouse, Prairie Middle School
Mindy Groves, High Plains Elementary
Sarah Jane Harvey, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Margot Hatch, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Abby Kaczmarek, Buffalo Trail Elementary
Kari Karr, Aspen Crossing Elementary
Robert Kennedy, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Sara Beth Keppler, Polton Elementary
Samantha Kessler, Homestead Elementary
Ian LaFarge, Prairie Middle School
Kelly Landen, Overland High School
Carrie Larimer, Aspen Crossing Elementary
Renee Lewis, Prairie Middle School
Jennifer Lowy, Prairie Middle School
Lisa Mayl, Timberline Elementary
Debra McCullen, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Camille McFarland, Timberline Elementary
Adam McKenzie, Antelope Ridge Elementary
Shannon McQueen, Mission Viejo Elementary
Alexandria Melisaratos, Campus Middle School
Sandra Mikesell, Eaglecrest High School
Julie Mueller, Fox Hollow Elementary
Chrisitna Nelson, Cherokee Trail High School
Natalie Peitsmeyer, Campus Middle School
Derek Phelan, Campus Middle School
Kerry Philo, Eastridge Elementary
Tracey Privitera, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Jennifer Radosevich, Smoky Hill High School
Sandra Ramirez, Belleview Elementary
Jennifer Riat, Polton Elementary
Kim Rice, Prairie Middle School
Jeanne Richins, Trails West Elementary
Nicole Robbins, Buffalo Trail Elementary
Whitney Rubenstein, Timberline Elementary
Brenda Rusnak, Cherokee Trail High School
Jodi Sanchez, Overland High School
Robin Schuhmacher, Rolling Hills Elementary
Selamawit Senbeta, Horizon Community Middle School
Jennifer Sevy, Fox Hollow Elementary
Heather Shaw, Dry Creek Elementary
Maureen Simon, High Plains Elementary
Sarah Simon, Horizon Community Middle School
Katie Sinning, Horizon Community Middle School
Barry Sterling, Campus Middle School
Emily Stout, Holly Hills / Holly Ridge Elementary
Alisa Thomas, Laredo Middle School
Dave Thomas, Fox Ridge Middle School
Justin Towner, Eastridge Elementary
Lynae Trabant, Assistive Technology Team
Brett Turner, Meadow Point Elementary
Amy Veaudry-Fiedler, Timberline Elementary
Jen von Klinggraeff, Indian Ridge Elementary
Tracy Voreis, Challenge School
Tasha Waldron, Meadow Point Elementary
Jennifer Watt, Prairie Middle School
Katherine Wehrle, Cottonwood Creek Elementary
Bryan Westman, Horizon Community Middle School
Erica Wilkins, Horizon Community Middle School
Jennifer Willner, Cottonwood Creek Elementary
Monica Winkler, Buffalo Trail Elementary
Eva Zimmerman, Fox Ridge Middle School

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